Fish Passage Career Achievement Award


The Fish Passage Career Achievement Award recognizes the efforts of an influential professional whose contributions to the field of fish passage have enhanced the national fisheries resources.

Consideration is given to:
• Length of service
• Contributions to the field
• Imagination and innovation
• Partnership and outreach activities
• Support of interdisciplinary efforts
• Leadership

The 2011 recipient of this award was Ben Rizzo (USFWS).


Any biologist, engineer, or program manager with appreciable career experience working in the field of fish passage. Experience may include field work, design and analysis, research, teaching, regulatory work, management, outreach, or program administration. Recipients may be from private industry, academia, tribal organizations, non-governmental organizations, or government agencies. Members of the 2012 Advisory Board and Organizing Committee are not eligible. Nominations must be submitted before April 16, 2012. Please forward and questions about the process to


The recipient will be selected by the Conference Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will notify the Organizing Committee before May 1, 2012. The recipient’s name will remain confidential until the public award ceremony at the conference.

Nominating Procedure

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